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High quality solar pipework


Our pre-assembled pipe systems with their high-temperature and UV resistant insulation material are an ideal choice for your solar thermal system. The insulated double tube is a flexible quick installation system to connect solar collectors to the pump station and to the storage cylinder. The system is lightweight and space saving, which results in easy handling, even in confined spaces. Flow and return pipes are marked clearly and can easily be separated. Thus, collectors with a large distance between connectors can be connected quick and economically.




2in2 is the way to reduce installation time whilst ensuring a leak-free installation. Two closed cell elastomeric foam extrusions of high-temperature resistant EPDM are reliably protected against mechanical damage by a tough protective sheath. Flow and return are easy to separate due to the new designed ligament (marked red in picture below).

As an additional solution we offer the 2in2 ECO with a reduced insulation thickness of only 10 mm.


Technical data

  • Corrugated stainless steel pipe
    1.4404 - AISI316L

  • Insulation thickness
    14 mm (2in2)
    10 mm (2in2 ECO)
  • Available from stock up to 50m (see below)
  • two-core silicone sensor cable
  • high-temperature resistant EPDM up to +150°C continous load (+175°C intermittent)
  • Heat conductivity
    λ (0°C) = 0,038 W/mK
    λ (40°C) = 0,042 W/mK
  • Fire classification
    Class E
    (according to BS EN 13501-1)
  • Water vapour transmission
    µ ≥ 4500
    (according to DIN EN ISO 12572)


You can find fittings and further accessoires here!



Delivery programme


2in2, 2in2ECO







1/2" 3/4" 1" 5/4"

Nominal pressure PN at 20°C (bar)
according to DIN BS EN ISO 10380

20 10 6 10

Dimensions (mm)

width (+/- 6mm) x height (+/- 3mm)
95 x 40 100 x 45 115 x 50 120 x 55

Dimensioning recommendation: corrugated hose to smooth-walled tube

  12 x 1 15 x 1 18 x 1 22 x 1

Available lengths from stock

5 - 25 m in box 760 x 760 mm

25 - 50 m on bobbin1050 x 430 / 930mm