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SOLARCONNECT II - The metal-to-metal plug-in fitting


Fittings for corrugated tubes

Metal-to-metal sealing fi tting system for quick connection of corrugated
stainless steel tubes with solar system components. The fitting system
has been specially designed for solar thermal applications. Easy to install
with preassembled fittings, it saves time and reduces cost of installation.
Ensure a smooth and secure installation with no leaks.


– metal-to-metal sealing
– high temperature rating
– plug-in, tighten the nut, job done
– no special tool needed
– quick assembly on site
– available for DN 16, DN 20 and DN 25




  DN16 DN20 DN25
Compression fitting 22mm
Compression fitting 18mm
Compression fitting 15mm
Pipe socket OD 22mm
Male thread 1 1/4" ο ο
Male thread 1"
Male thread 3/4" ο
Male thread 1/2" ο ο
Female thread 1"
Female thread 3/4" ο
Female thread 1/2" ο ο
= from stock
ο = on request
  Pipe socket 22mm               

Compression fitting        





See for yourself the easy handling of the SOLARCONNECT II screw connection. You can download the installation instructions here.


In addition you can download here a summarization of the product information for SOLARCONNECT II.